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A Fairy Moth. Note the super-long antennae. Size - very small, body about 8 mm long.
Thanks to Tony D., Ken W., Russell B. and Axel K. for help with the identification.
Update from Axel: "It is Nemophora topazias, not sparsella! It is a species from Acacia that seems to be more often seen in autumn. N. sparsella does not have the yellow basal spot, feeds on Bursaria and flies in early summer."

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  2015-03-11 10:15 AM


  -37.372191 , 144.621633


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  1. David Francis  31/3 Third photo added with legs and rear wing more in focus.

    Reply • 31 Mar 2015

  2. Russell Best  Fabulous photos David. How big was it, approximately? I've added the yellow spot as an identifying attribute for the species.

    Reply • 04 Apr 2015

    • David Francis  The moth was very small, under a cm in body length - I would estimate about 8mm long.

      Reply • 04 Apr 2015

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