This very attractive jumping spider was only about 6 mm long. It looked like two blobs of yellowish-orange but a closer look revealed a spider with a black cepahalothorax with an ochre colored anterior part and three thin white lines, one in the middle and two laterally placed. The abdomen had two bright orange "c"-shaped patterns facing each other with a central orange patch. All this on a background of very pale teal. The third pair of legs seemed to have dense white setae on the tarsi. The four eyes in the front were a deep green. The palps were white.
Spotted on black wattle in a reservoir park.


Date & Time

  2014-11-06 01:20 PM


-37.963398 , 145.387634 : 156.661 m

Near Narre Warren East VIC 3804, Australia


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  1. David Francis  A stunning little spider we all hope to see. Not easy to photograph as it is so small. You did well to capture it from all angles.

    Reply • 14 Mar 2015

    • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you David. I did not know he was so special until I had a look at the photos later and heard by husband (Mark's) groan of envy ! You are right about being difficult to capture - very active and wary.

      Reply • 15 Mar 2015

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