Galls of Victoria

Galls of Victoria

by Leuba Ridgway


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Apiomorpha urnalis is a woody gall produced by a parasitic hemipteran. The female inside the large gall remains physically underdeveloped and never independent of her host plant. The dissection shows the larviform adult female.

Date & Time

  2011-04-14 05:50 AM


-37.801106 , 145.320653 : 116.493 m

Near Kilsyth VIC, Australia


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  1. Chris Lindorff  Hi Martin. Apiomorpha urnalis has now been added. Nice cut-away view of the larva.

    Reply • 06 Mar 2015

  2. Martin Lagerwey  btw, the cut-away is the adult female who never develops any further

    Reply • 07 Mar 2015

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