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2014-10-01 12:25 PM


-37.424071 , 145.4228 : 243.525 m

Near Glenburn VIC 3717, Australia


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  1. Suzanne Jones  That's a different looking beetle!

    Reply • 04 Mar 2015

    • Martin Lagerwey  Yes, certainly a most gnarled beetle. Love those shoulder pads.

      Reply • 04 Mar 2015

  2. Martin Lagerwey  This beetle is Trachymela papuligera based on comparison with other tracymela in the museum collection.

    Reply • 14 Apr 2015

  3. Chris Lindorff  Hi Martin. I have now added this species name to the NS database for you to assign.

    Reply • 15 Apr 2015

  4. Martin Lagerwey  Thank you Chris. I've seen this since, in Sydney. Its the most easily recognizable representative of the whole genus. The museum has several specimens so it is feasible to encounter these beetles again.

    Reply • 16 Apr 2015

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