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A pair (see photo 4) of grey leaf beetles found resting on a curled leaf of Eucalyptus polyanthemos. Identified by Martin Lagerwey.


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  2015-03-03 07:02 PM


-37.902125 , 144.223062 : 284.779 m

Near Anakie VIC 3221, Australia


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  1. Martin Lagerwey  This superb beetle is Trachymela sloanei. They are a commercial pest of overseas eucalyptus plantations including California. They are supposed to mimic gumnuts and are sometimes called gumnut leaf beetles. The larvae are considered to be nocturnal, feeding at night and retreating under bark in the daytime. The genus Trachymela is large (127) and few can be easily identifies. They feature dull colors and tubercles (warty processes) on the elytra. Newly eclosed specimens may have a white powder over their whole body that will disperse over time.

    Reply • 03 Mar 2015

  2. Chris Lindorff  Many thanks Martin. The closest I could find was a photo of Reiner Richter posted on Bowerbird, of which you identify as Trachymela. So I was on the right path... Cheers.

    Reply • 03 Mar 2015

    • Martin Lagerwey  Great to see your interest. Most of this group is hard to ID and I have not found the information to even try.

      Reply • 04 Mar 2015

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