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This species looks like Paropsis but is Paropsisterna pictipes, A pale green leaf beetle with pink trim along the edges of the elytra and suture. The puncturations are strong and random and with no indication of striae, as might be expected for paropsis. Seen once only. Montane.

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  2015-02-17 09:54 AM


-37.69259 , 146.661353 : 220.298 m

Near Glen Falloch VIC 3858, Australia


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  1. Chris Lindorff  Name available in database to assign. Also, wondering about the dates of your observations. Is Natureshare picking up the date of the photo from the EXIF file correctly? If you upload the photo/s before entering in the rest of the data and saving, this should work ok. Otherwise, you may have to hit the button to tell it to use the Camera Data Stamp. For this photo, wondered if it could be correct, given the date of the same photo on ALA is a day earlier. Cheers. Chris.

    Reply • 03 Mar 2015

  2. Martin Lagerwey  The error occurs because it was brought back and photographed the next day. I collect them in case dissections become important one day. It was seen on the earlier date but camera data is correct too. I can change that to the observed date if you think that is important.

    Reply • 03 Mar 2015

    • Chris Lindorff  A day here or there is not important at all. Thanks for the explanation. The same happened for me, when I photographed the beetles today that I collected yesterday. Cheers. Chris.

      Reply • 03 Mar 2015

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