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Body length about 20mm. In a public barbecue area in a local nature reserve. Wicks Reserve. E pustulosa seems highly variable and I just read an informative blog regarding females and appearance and disappearance of lobes !!

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2015-01-01 09:54 AM [Melbourne]


-37.856677 , 145.321708 : 182.13 m

Near The Basin VIC 3154, Australia


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  1. Suzanne Jones  Eriophora pustulosa has a lobed abdomen. Could it be that?

    Reply • 24 Feb 2015

    • Mark Ridgway  I don't know yet Suzanne. E pustulosa images are all mixed up (like most Aussie Eriophora and Araneus) I haven't found one yet with such pronounced lobes? I think a lot of work needs to be done on both genus before it gets out of control. Do you have any links to very lobed E pustulosa?

      Reply • 24 Feb 2015

      • Suzanne Jones  This is a link to some photos that look very like yours.

        Reply • 24 Feb 2015

        • Mark Ridgway  Thanks so much. I'm convinced. :)

          Reply • 24 Feb 2015

        • Mark Ridgway  "Molecular analysis by Framnenau et al 2010 strongly suggests E. pustulosa is not congeneric with Eriophora in the strict sense but instead belongs to a new and unnamed genus also containing the Australian Araneus inquietus (Keyserling, 1887), Araneus sydneyicus (Keyserling, 1887), Araneus senicaudatus Simon, 1908 and other undescribed species." - ...I think I'll just marvel at their beauty for the time being.

          Reply • 24 Feb 2015

    • Mark Ridgway  Just searched again and found some similar and a comment re females and lobes. Thanks.

      Reply • 24 Feb 2015

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