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  2015-01-25 01:38 PM


  -36.865825 , 147.264831


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  1. David Francis  Beautiful!

    Reply • 21 Feb 2015

  2. Mark Ridgway  Agree completely David. These non-identifying context photos are great to see. Wouldn't it be nice to link observations from the area.

    Reply • 21 Feb 2015

    • Russell Best  They are sort of designed like that, Mark. They are 'landscapes' attached to collections so giving an idea of the habitat associated with that collection. I think you mean more than that though?

      Reply • 22 Feb 2015

      • Mark Ridgway  I think it's all excellent as is Russell. I was just day-dreaming of seeing thumbnails of the immediate location within an observation. I like the whole system and. most importantly, it all works. :) Thanks to you and Reilly.

        Reply • 22 Feb 2015

NS Observation No. 54E77B3EED2A89EF270004B4
Created 2015-02-21 05:21 AM (over 5 years ago)
Created By Russell Best
Updated 2015-02-21 05:22 AM (over 5 years ago)
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