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A tiny mottled brown and grey spider, suspended in a delicate web beneath a lily leaf, immediately becomes a pyramidal lump when disturbed. Camouflage or mimicry of some sort? Approximately 10mm.
Suburban back yard.
Previously named Uloborus congregabilis. Common on Australias east coast. Quite variable in pattern and colour. As the name suggests these spiders appear communally forming many orb type webs attached to each other.

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  2012-10-04 12:58 AM


-37.9 , 145.31 : m


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  1. Russell Best  Just checking the date on this one?

    Reply • 19 Feb 2015

    • Mark Ridgway  Thanks Russell. I obviously had a camera problem then and have altered many similar. Hope I've got them all correct now.

      Reply • 19 Feb 2015

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