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Not really dead at all - these clean looking moths make it simple to get underneath shots by remaining completely still for up to a minute if upturned. About 40mm long, mostly white with many dark spots and a striking flash of vermilion around the thorax. Attracted to powerful night lights above a car at a national park.
One of the few species I have found whose larvae can feed on Tradescantia which has become a noxious weed around here. Go mothy !!


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2014-10-24 11:45 PM [Melbourne]


-37.89 , 145.31 : m


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  1. Ellena Best  I've seen that moth before but I didn't know it did that! Ellena :)

    Reply • 17 Feb 2015

    • Mark Ridgway  Ha! Yes one thing that has amazed me about moths is the way the different families react very differently to local disturbances. It's actually handy to know when approaching one with a big fat scary camera. :)

      Reply • 17 Feb 2015

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