Galls of Victoria

Galls of Victoria

by Leuba Ridgway


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Looking very much like small Camellia flower buds, these pea-sized growths could easily be mistaken for flower buds on the tea tree. They were globose, had scaly bract like outer growth and layers of soft sheaths within. They did not appear to have stalks and were seen on branches between nodes.
On cutting one of them open, I found at least two very small maggots at the base, not much over 1 mm in length. The inside of the gall was soft with white fibrous layers.
Spotted on Coastal Tea Tree ( Leptospermum laevigatum)

Date & Time

2014-10-03 03:19 PM [Melbourne]


-38.463654 , 145.179229 : 15.896 m

Near Ventnor VIC 3922, Australia


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