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About 35mm wide and 40mm tall. The under view revealed the last few net-like remains of the cortina still clinging on to the stipe.. In an open, dry sclerophyll eucalyptus based forest. Cardinia nature reserve.
Possibly C archeri but the stipe is not common

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2014-07-23 12:34 PM [Melbourne]


-37.97 , 145.39 : m


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  1. Tom May  This was originally id as Cortinarius archeri, but this is more robust and would have a slimy partial veil and quite slimy pileus and stipe surface. There are quite a few purple species of Cortinarius.

    Reply • 19 Jul 2015

    • Mark Ridgway  Thanks Tom. I should have fixed this long ago. Much appreciated.

      Reply • 31 Jul 2015

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