Birds seen at 145 Gibsons Road, Cobains

Birds seen at 145 Gibsons Road, Cobains

by Suzanne Jones


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The bird returned! Guess it is the same one. First saw it sitting in the Allocasuarina next to the bird bath, resting on one leg. It flew down to the bird bath, drank, then bathed in the water. When I walked outside, it flew up to one of the big eucalypts nearby. These photos show it to have a rounded tail (definitely not squared), so still wonder if it is a Brown Goshawk. Although the last photo does show it to have a longer middle toe, other photos don't seem to show such a difference. I am just confused about Identification of this bird - if it is the same one as I photographed the other day in the birdbath!

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  2015-01-07 09:04 AM


-38.082021 , 147.086052 : 12.586 m

Near Cobains VIC 3851, Australia


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  1. David Francis  I think it may be the same bird as before (Juvenile Collared Sparrowhawk). It lacks the heavy "beetle-brow"/frowning look of the Brown Goshawk. But I'm no expert.

    Reply • 07 Jan 2015

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