Macedon Regional Park & Environs - Native Plants

Macedon Regional Park & Environs - Native Plants

by David Francis


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A dozen or so plants scattered over this corner of Stanley Park

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  2014-12-22 05:51 PM


  -37.405277 , 144.578508


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  1. Russell Best  Hi David. The best key for these is in the additions/corrections at the back of FoV4. If you've used it already you can at least determine whether it is D. amoena or not. I think the key feature for amoena is leaf length less than 40cm. Otherwise it will be sp. aff. longifolia (Benambra) I think.

    Reply • 23 Dec 2014

  2. Russell Best  Also, amoena spreads by rhizomes forming a clump over a large area - but it takes lots of time for this to develop and often amoena is seen as a single plant. The Benambra species is obviously not rhizomatous.

    Reply • 23 Dec 2014

    • David Francis  Leaf length certainly greater than 40cm. Leaves with entire margins - no "finger-like" projections or teeth. Also plants mainly solitary - not in spreading clumps. That makes it sp. aff. longifolia (Benambra) then?

      Reply • 23 Dec 2014

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