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Although holes in our strawberries have usually been occupied by millipedes, on occasions we have found flatworms like this one inside a hole in a strawberry.

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  2014-12-06 10:16 AM


-38.082021 , 147.086052 : 12.586 m

Near Cobains VIC 3851, Australia


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  1. David Francis  Has this been identified as Parakontikia ventrolineata by Dr Leigh Winsor on the Bowerbird website?

    Reply • 02 Jan 2015

    • Suzanne Jones  No. I had sent him some specimens and he had wondered if these photos might have been of the Parakontikia atrata that I had sent him. But we hadn't sent this particular flatworm. We had let it go in the wet grass. I guess this photo would be of either Parakontikia atrata or Parakontikia ventrolineata, but can't judge by these particular photos. Sorry. My later observation on Natureshare of a flatworm on a strawberry is of Parakontikia ventrolineata. You can see the stripes in the photo, but stripes are not apparent in these two photos.

      Reply • 03 Jan 2015

  2. David Francis  Parakontikia spp. species id suggested

    Reply • 01 Feb 2017

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