Clematis decipiens

Slender Clematis


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Flammuliform leaf is the key feature for C. decipiens. C. microphylla s.s. is trifoliolate, having 3 sets of usually 3 leaflets with a total of 9-11 leaflets per leaf. ID confirmed by Neville Walsh.

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  2014-11-25 03:26 PM


-37.901909 , 144.222942 : 285.045 m

Near Anakie VIC 3221, Australia


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  1. Lauren Fraser  This is really helpful! Thank you!

    Reply • 28 Sep 2016

  2. David Francis  "Flammuliform" defined ( "The term ‘flammuliform’ is used ... to describe the complicated division of leaves of some species where the leaf is cleft into 5 primary divisions, which are then ternately"(groups of 3)" divided. This leads to a typical condition of 15 leaflets, but by further or incomplete division, there may as few as 12 or as many as 36 leaflets. The term is derived from Clematis flammula whose leaves demonstrate this type of division."

    Reply • 09 Oct 2018

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