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Post Mickleham fires Feb 2014.

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  2014-10-26 06:01 PM


-37.281204 , 144.867038 : 384.081 m

Near Willowmavin VIC 3764, Australia


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  1. Russell Best  Are you sure this is S. aviculare and not S. laciniatum?

    Reply • 27 Oct 2014

    • Annemaree Docking  Is there a way to distinguish at this stage? I made the distinction based on what I have observed locally rather than in this particular plant. I can return for more information - what should I look for.

      Reply • 27 Oct 2014

      • Russell Best  Only really from flowers but fruit colour and seed size are the best features distinguishing those species.

        Reply • 27 Oct 2014

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