Macedon Regional Park & Environs - Native Plants

Macedon Regional Park & Environs - Native Plants

by David Francis


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  2014-10-25 12:50 PM


  -37.419272 , 144.553402


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  1. Russell Best  I'd say it isn't cucullata. If you look at gracilis records there is surprising variability with red- and yellow-tipped clubs on labellum. The colouring of the back of rear sepal is identical across gracilis and different to cucullata. But I'm happy to be wrong though.

    Reply • 26 Oct 2014

    • David Francis  I gave a lot of weight to the lack of scent compared a C. gracilis about 50 m away which had a strong musky scent. The lack of deep purple colour on the labellum tip probably rules out C. cucullata, so I'll change the id.

      Reply • 26 Oct 2014

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