2012-12-21 19:32:22


Sprekelia (Central America), a garden escape.




Clunes VIC 3370, Australia


  • 2014-10-25

    Russell Best

    "Hi Louise. Can you tell me more about this one? Were there a few plants or just the one? Is it still there do you know. It is a Sprekelia and there are no records of it in Victoria or Australia escaping from gardens. Is it anywhere near a garden? Could it have been planted there? Any other unusual weeds there or signs of a garden dumping?"

  • 2014-10-25

    Louise Nicholas

    "Hi Russell, yes it is still there, just the one plant I think, but I'll check for sure next weekend when I'm out there. It's in our dry gully where the previous owners dumped a load of soil and crap to make a bridge to drive over. When I say crap I mean things like venetian blinds, an above ground pool including ladder, chicken wire, bits of concrete etc etc. We have been slowly digging/clearing this rubbish out of the gully. So maybe the Sprekelia hitched a ride on the load of rubbish they brought in? I'll get another photo of it next weekend. The gully gets a bit of water flow in winter but is otherwise pretty dry. "


Observation2012-12-21 19:32:22
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