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Unknown native flower - head and base of the plant (in second photo)

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  2014-09-21 01:18 PM


-37.290561 , 143.752972 : m

Near Clunes VIC 3370, Australia


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  1. Russell Best  This is an orchid in bud but can't tell which species until it flowers.

    Reply • 21 Oct 2014

  2. Chris Lindorff  Very likely to be Glossodia major (almost certainly). Hairy, light green leaf (two plants in photo); purple glandular hairs on tepals.

    Reply • 22 Oct 2014

    • Russell Best  I agree on both your suggestions Chris. Michael, it would be good to confirm absolutely when they open.

      Reply • 23 Oct 2014

      • Chris Lindorff  Likely to have flowered weeks ago and possibly withered or in fruit now. I only few plants found in area, this is a good record.

        Reply • 23 Oct 2014

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