Bulbine bulbosa

Bulbine Lily

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  2014-10-19 04:31 PM


-37.291975 , 144.916085 : 352.647 m

Near C324, Kilmore VIC 3764, Australia


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  1. Chris Clarke  A good spot to protect - is there a significant roadside vegetation sign? Cheers. Chris

    Reply • 23 Oct 2014

    • Annemaree Docking  No Chris. I must admit it seems a rather random patch, which is why it caught my attention. On a Vicroads managed roadside on a relatively major arterial. I think it may have been burned in the Mickleham fires earlier in the year - can't quite remember the boundaries, but it might explain the intensity of the lilies. I will let the Council know about it and see what they can negotiate with Vicroards.

      Reply • 23 Oct 2014

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