Cacomantis flabelliformis

Fan-tailed Cuckoo


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  2014-10-17 02:07 PM


-37.696365 , 145.194339 : 130.329 m

Near Research VIC 3095, Australia


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  1. Chris Clarke  Lovely shot. Might the eye ring and white edges on tail ring lead towards the fan-tailed cuckoo? I'll check with some birdos. Cheers

    Reply • 21 Oct 2014

  2. Chris Clarke  Yep - birdos reckon eye ring diagnostic for Fan-tailed Cuckoo. Cheers. Chris.

    Reply • 21 Oct 2014

  3. Peter Bire  Thanks Chris, sure is a fan-tailed cuckoo. Actually has a very distinctive 'advertising call' that cuts through the bush so you know if one is around.

    Reply • 25 Oct 2014

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