Pultenaea hispidula

Rusty Bush-pea


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  2014-10-12 11:58 AM


-37.44597 , 145.11303 : m


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  1. Chris Lindorff  Hi James. Maybe P. daltonii, which would be a significant record at this location.

    Reply • 12 Oct 2014

  2. Russell Best  ID to P. hispidula by Neville Walsh.

    Reply • 20 Oct 2014

    • Chris Lindorff  I'll go with Neville any day.

      Reply • 20 Oct 2014

      • Russell Best  I thought daltonii was the best option and keyed it out to daltonii but on reflection he is right. Shows that keys are no replacement for hands on experience, especially with species that are close and variable.

        Reply • 21 Oct 2014

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