Daly Nature Reserve - Indigenous Flora and Fauna, Gisborne

Daly Nature Reserve - Indigenous Flora and Fauna, Gisborne

by Russell Best


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Acacia rostriformis (Bacchus Marsh Varnish Wattle)
Shrub 1 - 6m tall generally multi-stemmed from the base
Phyllodes narrowly elliptic to oblong elliptic 20 - 50mm long, 5 - 10mm wide,
2 longitudinal nerves (veins) per face
Apex of phyllode excentrically mucronate, rostriform (beaked)
Flower heads globular, 1-3 per axil
Flowers around September

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  2012-10-07 12:56 PM [Melbourne]


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  1. David Francis  Only known in the Macedon Ranges Shire by 3 specimens recently discovered in the Daly Nature Reserve, Gisborne. Conservation status: Until discovered in the Daly Reserve was found only in a limited number of reserves around Bacchus Marsh. It may be regarded as depleted in its former natural range. This taxon is regarded as Vulnerable according to the criteria of the IUCN (VU C1 sensu IUCN 2001) although it is possible that future survey work will identify additional populations.

    Reply • 11 Jul 2014

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