Uraba lugens

Gum-leaf Skeletoniser


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This Spined Predatory Shield bug (Oechalia schellenbergii) is killing a Gumleaf Skeletoniser caterpillar, (Uraba lugens).

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  2011-02-25 04:45 PM


-38.082 , 147.086


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  1. Jolyon Sutcliffe  Dear Suzanne Jones, I'm writing from the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol where we are hoping to film a story about the gum leaf skeletoniser - Uraba lugens. I see your incredible pictures, and wondered if you had managed to get any footage of them? We are really hoping to film some while we are out in Australia too, so if you know where we could get hold of some do let me know. You can contact me on jolyon.sutcliffe@bbc.co.uk All the best, Jolyon

    Reply • 20 May 2016

  2. Suzanne Jones  Sorry, but I have only ever taken still photos.

    Reply • 09 Oct 2016

  3. Suzanne Jones  I apologize for not replying earlier, but my computer had blocked me out for a while, so wasn't getting messages. Uraba lugens is very common - you shouldn't have any problem finding some.

    Reply • 09 Oct 2016

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