Stylidium armeria subsp. pilosifolium

Hairy-leaf Triggerplant / Hairy-leaved Triggerplant


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Recent burn has revealed numerous plants (we saw 25ish so possibly 100ish overall) spread over a narrow area with limits as detailed by the 3 plants depicted here.

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  2013-12-29 03:35 PM


  -37.395347 , 144.665708


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  1. Unknown  Everything fits with previous finds ... dry, wildflower area; flowers variable in size but mostly very small compared to subsp. armeria; leaves hairy and short; overall plant short (with one exception) compared to the long-leaved, large-flowered, 1m+ tall subsp. armeria plants nearby. Again, the two subspp. never cross re distribution. 11371 shows nearest subsp. armeria plants.

    Reply • 30 Dec 2013

  2. Unknown  subsp. pilosifolium now seems to be found over most of the north-facing slope of Mt Charlie including the lower areas. I haven't noticed them this low down before.

    Reply • 30 Dec 2013

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