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I heard this bird move in at my place just over a year ago but this is the first time caught on camera.

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  2013-12-24 06:07 PM


-37.4308 , 144.655


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  1. Unknown  Good sighting. Are Satin Flycatchers increasing their range in the Macedon Ranges as gullies in eucalypt forests are becoming more heavily vegetated over the last year or so?

    Reply • 28 Dec 2013

  2. Unknown  Hi David. This is the only encounter I've had with this species so the only facts I can state are that this bird wasn't here for the 10 years prior (during the drought), an understorey of shrubs has flourished over the past three years), and this bird arrived at my place a year or so ago. I've not heard it anywhere else on my travels through the Macedon Range.

    Reply • 29 Dec 2013

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