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Sporangiform process on the base of an old eucalyptus stump in a designated nature reserve. Species is Tubifera ferruginosa.

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2013-10-11 12:00 AM


-37.857101 , 145.321999 : m


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  1. Unknown  Simple tidy system. All kingdoms allowed? What taxonomic database is it linked to? Test...

    Reply • 17 Oct 2013

  2. Unknown  All kingdoms. NS is for Vic species only but there aren't good Vic lists for many groups, including spiders, beetles, fungi, etc but working on those. If you find a species name isn't on NS let me know and I will upload the name. Sources for Vic data in NS is available at

    Reply • 18 Oct 2013

  3. Unknown  Thanks Russell. I'll put them into comments in the meantime then.

    Reply • 18 Oct 2013

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