Tamopsis spp.

Long-spinneret Bark-spider / Tree-trunk Spider / Two-tailed Spider


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Size 16mm including legs. Abdomen like a milky opal set in gold. Very alert and fast moving. Attracted to arthropod activity around lights at the local school.

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2013-10-05 12:00 AM


-37.895684 , 145.314445 : m


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  1. Unknown  Family known but not exact species

    Reply • 16 Oct 2013

  2. Unknown  I can only find similar (but different) species. Nothing that matches close enough to be confident. Excellent record given no Tamopsis or Hersiliidae appears near your area: http://biocache.ala.org.au/occurrences/search?q=tamopsis#tab_recordsView

    Reply • 17 Oct 2013

  3. Unknown  Thanks Russell. I should have put it back to Hersiliidae. I thought the system was insisting on species level ID. You're so right about not many such finds even in Victoria. We've seen a couple of different looking ones over the past 2 years... possibly one species though. They might vary with growth.

    Reply • 17 Oct 2013

  4. Unknown  No worries. NS is for Vic species only but there aren't good Vic lists for many groups, including spiders, beetles, fungi, etc but working on those. If you find a species name isn't on NS let me know and I will upload the name.

    Reply • 17 Oct 2013

  5. Unknown  Sources for Vic data in NS is available at https://sites.google.com/site/naturesharehelp/acknowledgements

    Reply • 18 Oct 2013

  6. Russell Best  ID to Tamopsis genus confirmed by Robert Whyte.

    Reply • 18 Mar 2015

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