Strepera versicolor

Grey Currawong


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adult + young

Date & Time

  2012-12-25 12:35 PM


  -37.445833 , 144.684722


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  1. Unknown  Parent was first observed feeding on small whole plums in "wild" (i.e., rootstock suckers) plum tree. Young was waiting on ground. The birds then moved into a Eucalyptus thicket, where "baby" was heard to beg using a feed-me, feed-me call similar to that used by ravens and magpies. When examined with binoculars, the baby had a clearly visible pink patch on the base of the lower bill, very similar to that of a baby raven.

    Reply • 26 Dec 2012

  2. Unknown  Adult's eyes were bright yellow orange. Young's eyes seemed to be dark grey.

    Reply • 26 Dec 2012

  3. Unknown  In the large picture, the fledgling is sitting on the tree branch, the adult fossicking on the ground.

    Reply • 26 Dec 2012

  4. Unknown  I've seen more this year than any other previously. But I've never seen young. Their call is also very distinctive.

    Reply • 26 Dec 2012

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