Galls of Victoria

Galls of Victoria

by Leuba Ridgway


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This gall forming scale bug (Apiomorpha munita, family = Eriococcidae) produces a chemical stimulant causing the plant to grow a protective cage. The smaller posterior structures are (empty) male galls. The dissection shows the adult female prisoner with reduced wings, legs, antennae etc.

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  2011-02-18 11:23 PM


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  1. Mark Ridgway  Apiomorpha munita ?

    Reply • 05 Mar 2015

    • Martin Lagerwey  Mark, that is bound to be right. I used the name eriococcidae which is the family name years ago before I understood what I was talking about. You are welcome to add the correct name. Here is a link to Lynn Cook whom I am certain that you know of, and her slideshow of 40 images of the species in this genus which you might not have found yet ... a great insight into her work.

      Reply • 06 Mar 2015

      • Mark Ridgway  Yes I wish her book was as comprehensive as her website.

        Reply • 06 Mar 2015

      • Mark Ridgway  ps.. 'munita' not 'numita' you old tangle-fingers

        Reply • 06 Mar 2015

  2. Martin Lagerwey  Thanks Mark, I've corrected that. There's too many words in our language. Hey, you calling me old? :)

    Reply • 06 Mar 2015

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