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This spider was being carried by a wasp-like insect. 'Wasp' was flying close to ground, landed and dropped the spider (as though it was too heavy - 'wasp' only slightly larger than spider). Spider remained seemingly in almost total paralysis, later died.

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  2012-01-07 11:39 AM


-37.430901 , 144.654656 : m


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  1. Russell Best  ID by Robert Whyte who added " > this is alarge and impressive orbweaver in the Araneidae subfamily Araneinae probably related to 'Araneus' hamiltoni. It is in the "fuliginata group" which are centred around 'Cyclosa' fuliginata which was wrongly moved to Cyclosa by Dondale, when it is clearly not Cyclosa, but because we don't yet have a new genus name for this group we call it 'Cyclosa' fuliginata the single quotes denoting the name 'Cyclosa' is known to be wrong."

    Reply • 21 Feb 2015

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