Dichondra repens



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  2009-12-13 09:09 AM


-37.761555 , 144.633036


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  1. Unknown  Dichondra repens, commonly known as Kidney Weed. A small prostrate herbaceous plant native to many parts of Australia. Often occurring in forest, woodlands and grasslands, it also inhabits suburban lawns. The plant has a creeping habit, with roots forming at the nodes. The leaves are kidney shaped, and measure 0.5 to 2.5 cm (0.2-1 in) long. The tiny yellowish green flowers form mostly in summer, but can appear at any time of the year. The fruit is a hairy two lobed capsule.

    Reply • 15 Aug 2011

  2. David Francis  Dichondra repens species id suggested

    Reply • 01 Feb 2017

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