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On roadside Acacia pycnantha (probably planted). Probably Araneus talipedatus but also fits reasonably well with the genera Peucetia and Oxypodes (Oxyopidae family).

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  2007-08-30 05:38 PM


-37.455732 , 144.662886 : m


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  1. Suzanne Jones  This looks like a Lynx spider to me (family Oxyopidae).

    Reply • 09 Dec 2014

    • Russell Best  Thanks Suzanne. It looks right but I can't find anything with markings remotely like mine. Was there a specific source you found?

      Reply • 12 Dec 2014

      • Suzanne Jones  Not really, just the general 'look' of the spider. I searched on the internet, but didn't find anything with those markings either. But, searching through my books, it does look very similar (apart from the darker patches on the abdomen) to a photo on page 47 of the Steve Parish Wild Australia Guide to Spiders. To quote from "The Private Life of Spiders", "Lynx spiders have a noticeably pointed abdomen, a dome-shaped cephalothorax and legs with numerous spines standing out at right angles." The book, "Spiders, the Ultimate Predators" states "Most can be identified by their heavily spined legs, rather slim, pointed abdomen, high-domed head and eye arrangement".

        Reply • 12 Dec 2014

  2. Russell Best  While following up your suggestions I came across some pics of Araneus talipedatus that fit well, including body shape & markings, legs, eyes, etc.

    Reply • 12 Dec 2014

    • Suzanne Jones  Yes, you are right. Looks almost the same as the fifth photo of the female Araneus talipedatus on the Arachne website. I hadn't realized that Araneus could have such spiky leg hairs. Pity we can't see the arrangement of the eye pattern.

      Reply • 12 Dec 2014

  3. Robert Whyte  I agree it is Araneidae Araneinae in the talipedatus group. It is a species, cluster.

    Reply • 07 May 2017

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