Clunes - Finches Gully private property - Flora and Fauna

Clunes - Finches Gully private property - Flora and Fauna

by Chris Clarke, Michael Gooch, and Louise Nicholas


Desription and initial flora list completed by Biosis Research for the owner.
Site is dominated by Grey Box Eucalyptus microcarpa, Yellow
Gum Eucalyptus leucoxylon and Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora
The open understorey is dominated by Golden Wattle Acacia pycnantha and
Hedge Wattle Acacia paradoxa, with scattered occurrences of Sweet Bursaria
Bursaria spinosa, Tree Violet Melicytus dentatus and Drooping Cassinia
Cassinia arcuata. An open cover of smaller shrubs includes Cranberry Heath
Astroloma humifusum, Narrow-leaf Bitter-pea Daviesia leptophylla, Slender
Rice-flower Pimelea linifolia and Peach Heath Lissanthe strigosa. The open to
dense ground cover is grassy to herb-rich and common species include Wallabygrasses
Rytidosperma species, Small Grass-tree Xanthorrhoea minor, Common
Raspwort Gonocarpus tetragynus, Wattle Mat-rush Lomandra filiformis,
Nodding Chocolate-lily Arthropodium fimbriatum, Grey Tussock-grass Poa
sieberiana, Weeping Grass Microlaena stipoides, and Trailing Speedwell
Veronica plebeia. Orchids, other geophytes and annuals were also observed.

Clunes VIC 3370, Australia

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