Dandenong Ranges Myxogastria

Dandenong Ranges Myxogastria

by Leuba Ridgway


All Slime Molds found in the Dandenong Ranges area which includes the area from Police Paddocks to Upper Beaconsfield to Cockatoo to Mt Evelyn.

Sherbrooke VIC 3789, Australia

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  • Trichia verrucosa

    25 Aug 2013-37.9,145.4Mark Ridgway

    This slime mold has developed miniature, upside down ropey 'trees' each about 3-4mm tall with a clump of yellow fuzz for the 'leaves'. Previously the yellow fuzzy parts were contained in a plasticky, smooth, tan coloured capsule which popped it's top off for the fuzz to puff out. Some of the old caps can be seen still lying around.


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    1. Suzanne Jones  Fascinating! There is another world in the miniature.

      Reply • 16 Feb 2015

      • Mark Ridgway  Yes it makes me wish I had some real camera equipment instead of a little pocket cam but it's enough to learn. Love your collection of observations btw. I'll have to go through them slowly soon.

        Reply • 16 Feb 2015

  • Lycogala epidendrum

    13 Apr 2014-37.9,145.3Mark Ridgway

    Clusters of small, warty pinkish-orange blobs measuring about 8mm. On touching one it felt very soft and broke open easily releasing an orange, thick fluid. Two specimens were found; one o a pine log and one on a eucalyptus log with bark. Both were within 50 metres of each other in a local nature reserve.


  • Tubifera ferruginosa

    24 Apr 2014-37.9,145.3Mark Ridgway

    On a dull day in a damp forest this little patch really stood out. Patch about 50mm wide. Looks like dayglo caviar. First pic shows a medium sized ant possibly checking for a meal. In leaf and twig litter in a local nature reserve.


  • Ceratiomyxa fruiticulosa

    23 Jul 2014-37.9,145.4Leuba Ridgway

    Highly branched clumps of fruiting bodies of slime mold. The sporocarps, about 2 mm high, appeared to have a powdery surface which is presumably a phase that this slime mold undergoes. Seen on the underside of fallen twigs in a damp area - nature reserve.


  • Physarum viride

    05 Aug 2014-37.9,145.4Mark Ridgway

    Tiny stalks tapering and lighter coloured towards the top with cracking yellow spherical eggs for heads. About 3mm tall and 0.4mm wide at the heads. Growing from under a wet eucalyptus log. When the heads dropped away the brown spore mass dissipated almost immediately leaving just a hair-like stalk.


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    1. David Francis  Interesting/unusual observation

      Reply • 16 Feb 2015

    2. Mark Ridgway  Thanks David. These things were beyond the limits of my pocket cam so sorry about the quality. Enough to ID though.

      Reply • 16 Feb 2015

  • Tubifera ferruginosa

    11 Oct 2013-37.9,145.3Mark Ridgway

    Sporangiform process on the base of an old eucalyptus stump in a designated nature reserve. Species is Tubifera ferruginosa.


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    1. Unknown  Simple tidy system. All kingdoms allowed? What taxonomic database is it linked to? Test...

      Reply • 17 Oct 2013

    2. Unknown  All kingdoms. NS is for Vic species only but there aren't good Vic lists for many groups, including spiders, beetles, fungi, etc but working on those. If you find a species name isn't on NS let me know and I will upload the name. Sources for Vic data in NS is available at https://sites.google.com/site/naturesharehelp/acknowledgements

      Reply • 18 Oct 2013

    3. Unknown  Thanks Russell. I'll put them into comments in the meantime then.

      Reply • 18 Oct 2013