Dipodium pardalinum distribution

Dipodium pardalinum distribution

by David Francis


Dipodium pardalinum, the Spotted Hyacinth-orchid was first recognised in Macedon in the summer of 2009/2010. It can be distinguished from other Hyacinth Orchids by the very pale pink to white flowers with dark pink blotches. The labellum (lip) in particular is typically white, with dark pink blotches and white hairs. The tepals (“petals”) are strongly curved backwards.

Previously there were no records for the Macedon area. In fact, the distribution of this orchid is poorly known. It appears to be distributed through central and western Victoria and SA.

If adding to this collection please make sure that you have not confused it with the other Hyacinth Orchids such as the more common and more well-known Dipodium roseum. D. roseum is a darker pink colour overall, has dark pink stripes rather than blotches on the labellum and has pinkish hair on the labellum. Observations from all regions of Victoria (and SA) are most welcome.

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