Werribee River Volcanic Gorge - Yaloke Escarpment

Werribee River Volcanic Gorge - Yaloke Escarpment

by Pinkerton Landcare and Environment Group


5 JUNE 2011
10 people walked along the Yaloke Escarpment section of the Werribee River monitoring Flora & Fauna. It was a beautiful sunny day with blue sky, and the morning sun highlighted the dramatic rock formations. Kevin Maddigan found Pelargonium australie, as well as Sigesbeckia australiensis –Cobber weed. The russet coloured redleg grass was very prolific and distinct on the opposite escarpments. We had an enjoyable morning exploring up and down along the river. Russell Best from Riddell's Creek Landcare Group assisted with recording of the Flora.

"The Sigesbeckia has only 44 records in Victoria (on FIS). I was surprised to find a couple of records not far upstream from where we were yesterday (at least one from a very reliable observer). It must be close to rare in Victoria but isn't listed as such. It is certainly locally very rare (and locally endangered). The next nearest record is at Little River but this is an undated Herbarium record so probably 1800s and long gone perhaps. These are the only records on the whole of the Victorian Volcanic Plain. The next nearest are then Mt Buangor (1800s), Mt Arapiles (50 years ago) and Kooyoora State Park (25 years ago). So as you can see it is rarely seen." Russell Best

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