Eurymelops rubrovittata

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    30 Nov 2017-37.6,144.9Jeff Triplett

    On small Yellow Box (coppice regrowth). Many adults (mostly paired) and nymphs on same tree and another nearby. Closest photographic match I have found on the web is Eurymelops rubrovittata, but this seems to be a different species. Host trees will probably be slashed by Parks Victoria soon as in previous two years. Update: I have added another photo which shows the markings on what I assume to be the female. Since these match other photos on the web (including museum specimens on ala) I have changed the species to Eurymelops rubrovittata.


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    1. Andrew Allen  Quite an attractive leafhopper. There's quite a few leafhoppers of various species around WHP at the moment.

      Reply • 01 Dec 2017