Entoloma gelatinosum

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  • Entoloma gelatinosum

    06 Jun 2018-38.5,144.9Leuba Ridgway

    A robust mushroom with a purplish brown cap, about 40 mm wide. Some viscosity seen on cap which had a broad flattened umbo. The stipe was pale with blue longitudinal fibrils, widening at the base and then tapering. Gills were tan with a grey tint. Spore print tan with a hint of purple. Spotted growing on damp sandy soil, in leaf litter in a reserve of mixed natives.


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    1. Cathy Powers  Species added.

      Reply • 11 Jun

    2. John Walter  I am sorry to quibble Leuba, but I do not think this is E. gelatinosum. I guess you are working on the brief description provided by Gates in the Tasmanian field guide however the complete description found in The Entolomataceae of Tasmania, Noordeloos and Gates 2012 provides further detail that excludes your find. This description notes that the pileus is "not translucently striate", the lamellae as "deeply emarginate to adnexed, ventricose, crowded", and the stipe as "tapering towards base". The pileus is clearly striate in your example and the lamellae are not deeply emarginate nor adnexed but appear to be adnate and they are not crowded. Your notes above and the images show your specimen's stipe is widening at the base and not tapering. It is also important to note that Entoloma have pink spores not tan.

      Reply • 18 Jun

    3. John Walter  I cannot see any of the telltale tan/brown fibrils on the stipe that would indicate it is a Cortinarius, however there does appear to be a small amount of brown staining where the fibrils would be.

      Reply • 18 Jun