Creiis corniculatus

Eastern Horn Lerp

Synonym: Rhinocola corniculata

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  • Creiis corniculatus Eastern Horn Lerp

    26 Jul 2017-34.1,146.2Leuba Ridgway

    These were small slightly flattened trumpet-shaped lerps spotted on eucalyptus leaves. The broader part of these lerps were transparent and appeared fragile. Each of these lerps appeared to have a nymph inside with their pale orange bodies clearly visible through the transparent lerp shell. Unlike lerps of Glycaspis species, I could not see any ants crawling around these lerps. I assume therefore that these lerps are not made of the same material as the Glycaspis species. Also, this species of Creiis lerps seemed keratinous. Various birds feed on lerps but a study on lerp-feeding by birds suggests that birds avoided the Creiis species of lerps. Spotted on Mugga Ironbark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon) in the Cocoparra National Park, New South Wales


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