Ascocoryne sarcoides

Purple Jellydisc

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  • Ascocoryne sarcoides Purple Jellydisc

    14 May 2017-37.4,144.6Cathy Powers


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    1. Vuk Vojis  Nice, I remember that at some conference somebody suggest the process of making biodisel from Purple Jellydisc.

      Reply • 15 May 2017

    2. Cathy Powers  It is pretty small - would take a lot to get a minute amount.

      Reply • 15 May 2017

    3. Vuk Vojis  Yes but idea is in chemical that they contains: some mixture of quinols and alcohols. In some sort of farms (reactors with ideal condition) they can be grown intensively. At the and it will be more cost effective then any process of synthesis. Similarly many chemicals are now produced by bacteria (It is much worst, becouse bacteria are genetically modified !!!). I very do not like all that industrial/technology staff-particularly genetically modified organisms. Purple Jellydisc is naturally very effective and do not need modification. If final product is beneficial for the biosphere, Why not.

      Reply • 15 May 2017