Arthropodium spp. (s.s.)

Vanilla Lily

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  • Arthropodium spp. (s.s.) Vanilla Lily

    22 Nov 2017-37.7,146.7Luke Steenhuis

    Dry, rocky road embankment beside a dry creek. Macalister Valley.


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    1. Chris Lindorff  Very nice find Luke. Was expecting more obvious fimbriate petals, but perhaps other characters point you to this taxa. Were the plants rather tall? How wide were the leaves?

      Reply • 05 Dec 2017

      • Luke Steenhuis  Chris, after going over the I.D. info again I can't positively say that it is Arthropodium sp. 1 - robust glaucous. It could be A. milleflorum. I have therefore put it under Arthropodium spp. for the time being. Is that O.K.?

        Reply • 05 Dec 2017

    2. Chris Lindorff  This is up to you. I not familiar with the taller glaucous version and it may well be it. Other photos i have seen show more fimbriate petals. Location is good though.

      Reply • 06 Dec 2017