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    15 Feb 2017-37.2,146.5Luke Steenhuis

    Verbena officinalis has been suggested to me. One plant growing beside Stirling Road at Mount Buller in a rocky, dry environment. Altitude 1500 - 1600m. Twiggy shrub about 1 metre high. See other photos. Unfortunately pics not quite sharp enough to see leaf in detail. The flower and what you can see of the leaves certainly looks like Verbena.


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    1. David Francis  I think I can see dissected leaves at the bottom left of the middle photo which agrees with Verbena officinalis. Flowers, stems and habit look good for this species too. Inflorescence superficially like the unrelated Euphrasia spp.

      Reply • 17 Feb 2017

    2. Luke Steenhuis  Thanks David, should I change the title? Special credit to my sister, Anne, who matched the observation to the species.

      Reply • 17 Feb 2017

      • David Francis  Yes, it's a good match, so make the change. Your sister did very well to make that id. It would have had me scratching my head!

        Reply • 17 Feb 2017