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  • Chalinolobus gouldii Gould's Wattled Bat

    26 Jul 2017-37.5,144.6Peter Clark

    small bat


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    1. Lawrie Conole  Chalinolobus gouldii species id suggested

      Reply • 27 Jul

    2. Lawrie Conole  Obviously unwell. Don't pick it up without protective gloves.

      Reply • 27 Jul

      • Peter Clark  hello lawrie,didnt touch it...on the south side of a house....thought it wasnt well were it was out in the open.

        Reply • 27 Jul

  • Unidentified

    26 Jul 2017-34.1,146.2Leuba Ridgway

    These were small slightly flattened trumpet-shaped lerps spotted on eucalyptus leaves. The broader part of these lerps were transparent and appeared fragile. Each of these lerps appeared to have a nymph inside with their pale orange bodies clearly visible through the transparent lerp shell. Unlike lerps of Glycaspis species, I could not see any ants crawling around these lerps. I assume therefore that these lerps are not made of the same material as the Glycaspis species. Also, this species of Creiis lerps seemed keratinous. Various birds feed on lerps but a study on lerp-feeding by birds suggests that birds avoided the Creiis species of lerps. Spotted on Mugga Ironbark (Eucalyptus sideroxylon) in the Cocoparra National Park, New South Wales (Please add Creiis corniculatus (Eastern Horn Lerp). Thanks)


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    1. David Francis  Creiis corniculatus added to db.

      Reply • 31 Jul

  • Perga spp.

    26 Jul 2017-37.8,144.8Andrew Allen

    6 photos uploaded. I've been watching these develop over many weeks and decided to take some photos today. I think Perga affinis, but not sure how to differentiate from Perga dorsalis.