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  • Acacia trineura Three-nerve Wattle

    27 Apr 2017-35.9,141.9Lorraine Phelan


  • Hylaeus littleri

    27 Apr 2017-38.0,145.1Vuk Vojis


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    1. Lorraine Phelan  Great photography skills.

      Reply • 27 Apr

  • Anestia ombrophanes Clouded Footman Anestia ombrophanes Clouded Footman

    27 Apr 2017-37.9,145.3Leuba Ridgway

    Three clouded footman males were seen fluttering around for awhile before settling on a door frame. On closer inspection I could see one of them was successful in finding and mating with a wingless female seen here as a furry white ovoid shape with thin black bands and pale orange spots along the sides. The males were of two sizes and had distinctly pectinated antennae. The mating male can be seen head pointing downwards. Beside the female was a hairy cocoon and an empty pupal case probably recently vacated by the female. Within the hairy cage was also small wrinkled piece of skin shed by the caterpillar before pupating. Pic 3 was taken 6 days later when two of the moths had flown away and the other was clear-off the female. The female had started laying eggs seen here as minute glistening orbs. The female had the same colours as seen on the caterpillar. Will wait to see what happens next.....


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    1. David Francis  What a fantastic series of observations and notes. It took me a while to see that there were three males and one female.

      Reply • 11 Apr

      • Leuba Ridgway  Thank you David. I have three more to add to this series. Was exciting to follow their progression..

        Reply • 08 May

    2. Leuba Ridgway  David, I edited this spotting, loaded 3 more photos and added to the Description. But it doesn't seem to have worked. I can't find the photos anywhere. Should I load them as a separate spotting and if yes, how do I link the two. Thanks

      Reply • 08 May

      • David Francis  Hi Leuba, I'm not sure why it hasn't worked. I'll check with Rylie the NS programmer.

        Reply • 08 May

      • David Francis  Leuba, I think there is a limit to the file size total per observation. You could upload the new photos as a separate observation and put links (copy and paste) into the description for each obs.

        Reply • 10 May

    3. Leuba Ridgway  Thank you David. Will do.

      Reply • 11 May