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  • Schizophyllum commune Common Porecrust

    15 Jul 2016-37.8,144.9Thomas N.

    Growing on acacia melanoxylon stump.


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    1. Tom May  Hi Thomas - details of underside are critical for identifying fungi. Whether it is a mushroom or a bracket fungus, usually need to see underside as well as top to see whether has lamellae,pores, spines or is smooth. For this one, the lobed, hairy pileus is characteristic for Schzophyllum (underneath the lamellae have a split right along the edge).

      Reply • 15 Jul 2016

      • Thomas N.  Thanks, Tom for identifying the fungi from my collections. In future I will take a small mirror so I can take photo of the underside of the fungi.

        Reply • 16 Jul 2016