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  2018-08-05 02:48 PM


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  1. zeke1944  Small sack like species found on wood containing peridioles. The container ultimately dissolves realeasing spore packets (inset). I know of two species M. denudata and M duriaenia (not listed) Sewen at Jack Cann Reserve

    Reply • 06 Aug

  2. John Walter  Not sure what happened to the photo that was here but I viewed it earlier today and I guess the genus you are referring to is Mycocalia. M. denudata has several records for Victoria and M. duriaeana has not been recorded. Unfortunately this genus was not listed in Cunningham's Gasteromycetes of Australia and New Zealand but both the species listed here are depicted in my most comprehensive British field guide. The former species has yellow brown peridioles while the latter has red brown peridioles. My memory of the image was that it had red brown peridioles but it will be good to see the image again to try and confirm the identity.

    Reply • 06 Aug

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