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  2018-05-06 08:49 AM


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  1. Fletcher Grant  Correa reflexa species id suggested

    Reply • 09 May

  2. David Francis  Hi Fletcher, It's great to have you join NatureShare and we look forward to seeing your observations of flora and fauna "in the wild". Just as couple of pointers - NatureShare is not for cultivated plants or domestic animals, unless they have "escaped" into the bush in which case they will tagged as "introduced". Also, NatureShare is designed to have only one species per observation. One observation can have more than one photo but they should be different views of the same plant or animal. I hope this doesn't put you off - keep trying, we're a friendly lot here!

    Reply • 09 May

  3. Fletcher Grant  Doesn’t put me off at all thanks for letting me. I had a felling It was about the flora in the wild and not my back yard. I’ve got to remember to start taking the camera with me. Really good to see others that love native plants also as I don’t really know any people that are into natives. I bet you guys are a wealth of knowledge. Hoping I can expand mine.

    Reply • 10 May

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