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Glyphipterix meteora moths enjoying the pollen on Burchardia umbellata (Milkmaids). Moth ID provided by Marilyn Hewish.

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2017-11-09 04:00 PM [Melbourne]


  -38.249421 , 144.529662 : 51.14 m

Near Wallington VIC 3222, Australia


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Lorraine Phelan, Cathy Powers, and Mark Ridgway starred this.

  1. Lorraine Phelan  Welcome Bernie. Looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic photos on Natureshare.

    Reply • 15 Nov

    • Bernie Lingham  Thanks Lorraine. I've been using this resource quite a bit lately. It's a wonderful resource.

      Reply • 15 Nov

  2. Cathy Powers  Bernie - I have added the species to the database and you can now update your wonderful observation to the correct species. I agree with Lorraine and welcome to the collection.

    Reply • 15 Nov

    • Bernie Lingham  Excellent thank you Cathy. I tried to add it myself but the help pages didn't really cover this process - or I just couldn't find it ! Much appreciated.

      Reply • 15 Nov

  3. Cathy Powers  Bernie - I have deleted Lepidoptera spp. from your observation so it does not get caught up in that group. You might also add the Burchardia to the species list in this observation.

    Reply • 15 Nov

    • Bernie Lingham  Thanks Cathy. I'll add the Burchardia to the species list as suggested.

      Reply • 15 Nov

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